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Pastels: Yay or Passé?

Pasels for decorating home Laurie March Blog


In all things design-related, trends come and go. Last year we saw a huge rush of neon and neutral pairings in fashion and home décor. This year, another classic 80’s staple is plotting its return: pastel. While the colors themselves are muted and unassuming, pastels can actually be quite polarizing when it comes to interior design. Some folks find pastel colors to be easy on the eyes and some people reserve them only for Easter eggs. Read Post…

2014 Dwell On Design Recap

Whew! I am starting my Monday off with a strong cup of coffee after three fantastic days at this year’s Los Angeles Dwell on Design conference. It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year, filled with old friends and new products to enhance the home. Here I am catching up with the Kitchen Cousins about their new season of Cousins Undercover, which premieres this Wednesday on HGTV! I can’t wait.

Laurie March Design Conference Blog 2014Photos: @HGTVcounselor Instagram

On Friday, I was lucky enough to speak to a wonderful group of designers on the subject of “Remodeling Reality.”  After a fantastic Q&A, I hit the floor to suss out some of the coolest, cutting edge creations in design right now. Here are my first two favorites.

Zangra Textile Cable Lights

Laurie March HGTV Design Conference Blog 2014

Belgian lighting company, Zangra, designs these gorgeous creatures. The beautiful pendant lights come with 10’ of textile cord in an amazing range of colors and patterns. Imagine the cool things you could do with these? They just need a standard bulb and they’ll plug into your average US outlet. They can hang solo, or in groups – the possibilities are endless. Light an outdoor area, an industrial space or dangle from any ceiling beam or homemade hook. The cords are as bright as the light they provide. Read Post…

4 Ways Above Ground Pools Can Look Cool

Summer officially arrives this week, which means it’s time to grab a suit, towel and some sun! This is the time of year that those lucky folks with pools start to entertain a few more guests every weekend. Do you have a pool or are you considering one?

Above Ground Pool Laurie March Blog

Although a lot can be said about the great in-ground versus above ground debate, if you’re looking for something more affordable and less permanent, above ground might be the way to go. Here are some ways you might make your pool rise above and beyond everyone’s expectations. Read Post…

Industrial Wall Sconces with Dan Faires

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a productive start! Since I’m feeling particularly industrious, I thought I’d share a little project I worked on with my pal, Daniel Grady Faires: Gorgeous, industrial, bell jar wall sconces. Click here to see our video!

Industrial Wall Sconces Blog Laurie March HGTV


If you like the industrial vibe, but aren’t ready to live in a converted warehouse – a wall sconce might be the perfect way to dip a toe into the style. Often built from reused or upcycled materials, industrial-looking wall sconces are as advertised: very hardworking. Read Post…

Et Voila! Bistro Chairs are Back

I love to travel. I love trying new food, seeing new places and learning about all kinds of design elements from around the globe.  One of my more recent international obsessions: The bistro chair.

Photo: HouseNumbers123

The original, Bistro Chair No. 14, looked much like the chairs pictured above. They were invented in 1859 by a German-Austrian cabinetmaker, Michael Thonet. Chair No. 14 was sleek, simple and an instant classic. By 1930, over 50 million had sold. These beauties became very popular in homes, schools and, of course, in restaurants and French cafes. Read Post…

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