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Best of Etsy: 7 Throw Pillows for under $40

Photo:, FestiveHomeDecor

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I’ve logged quite a few Etsy hours in my day. I am so inspired by the vintage items on the site and I am seriously in awe of some of the homemade craftsmanship I’ve come across, too. So I thought I’d start compiling some of my favorite finds to share with you – starting with one of my favorite things: Throw Pillows. So here are 7 five star pillow providers for you to peruse. Read Post…

Colorful Crown Molding – Yay or Nay?

Crown molding can be a polarizing personal preference. Some people love the character it adds, while others long for clean lines and clear corners. For those that do have homes with molding, however, I’ve got another debate for you: Do you like colorful crown molding or prefer traditional white?

laurie march blog colorful crown moulding


Read Post…

Bold Bathroom Backsplashes

I think most of us love to drool over unique kitchen backsplashes, but what about splashing a little bit of style in the bath? I’ve been combing through some truly distinctive bathroom backsplashes, trying to decide which I like best. Take a look and tell me what you think!

The warm, woodsy backsplash is an unexpected treat in this bathroom. The designers are Everitt & Schilling - a company known for their gorgeous recycled wood tiles. The result is a welcoming powder room, sure to make guests feel right at home. Read Post…

So Jaded: A Glance at Jade Green

When it comes to playing favorites, green is the second most popular color in the world (after blue). But word green can be used to describe so many different tones: sage, mint, moss, kelly, emerald and one of my favorites: Jade.


While I love the insanely current color, teal, I’ve been missing some other greens lately. I, for one, am ready for jade to make a comeback. In the room above, the wall has such a stunning depth and a richness to it, all thanks to this beautiful hue. Here are some other examples of jade doing its job very well. Read Post…

4 Fab Features for Outdoor Kitchens

The weekend is here! Time to fire up the grill, slip off your shoes and enjoy the great wide open. If you spend a lot of time eating and entertaining outside, an outdoor kitchen might be right up your alley.


While a simple barbeque works fine for some, adding counter space, appliances, cook tops and dining areas can transform your family’s lifestyle completely. If you’re thinking of making an investment in eating alfresco, here are a few things you might want to consider. Read Post…

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