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September Homework Stations

Reading and writing and ‘rithmatic are back! So it’s time to create a space for schoolwork once again. It can be really helpful to carve out a designated area for your kid’s homework.

september school decor

Just like adults who work from home, having a specific work area not only helps a person to focus on their work, but it helps them to relax and enjoy other activities in a different space when the work is done. If you’re lucky enough to have an entire homework room like the space above, that is fantastic. But there are a few other tricks you might try if you’re tight on space. Read Post…

Hot Pink at Home: Gorgeous or Garish?

hot pink homes laurie march hgtv blog


What do you think about pink? Hot pink, to be exact. Possibly one of the most polarizing colors out there, bright bold fuchsias are becoming more and more popular in all areas of design. So how does this hue hold up at home? Let’s take a look.

Read Post…

Gold Home Décor: Timeless or Tacky?

Gold rhymes with bold – and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Not only has the eye-catching tone seen a resurgence in the fashion industry, it’s also been used in home décor for decades. So what is the actual value of gold these days?

Gold Walls

It’s temping to think of gold solely as a classic, old-fashioned accent color – meant for cathedrals and ballrooms. This bathroom proves, however, that there’s a place for gold in modern design as well. The shiny metallic tiles in this space warm up the look, but don’t compete with the contemporary tone. It might be a little too much bling for some people, but I bet there are many who’d love this sparkly spa. Read Post…

Cool Closet Conversions

If space is tight and your life is big, you might find yourself craving an additional room – an office, a library or even a napping nook (you know how I love them). Sure you could move, but there might be an easier solution. Why not convert a closet to suit your specific needs?


This multifaceted mudroom has been carved out of an old coat closet. While it simply provided storage before, now it greets guests, keeps outerwear organized and gives you a spot to park your seat while you’re putting on shoes. If you’re looking for more of an entryway in your home, this might be a conversion to consider. Read Post…

Dorm Design Time

Just yesterday we were starting our summers and it’s back-to-school time already! Whether you’re a student, parent or helpful friend, organizing and decorating an on-campus cubby can feel really overwhelming. But if you make a few decisions ahead of time, (after consulting with roommates, of course) you’ll have a crash pad worthy of the honor roll.

Dorm Room Design HGTV Laurie March Blog

Defining your room’s style, mood and tone can help to make a look cohesive. Modern, minimalist or shabby-chic? Is there a certain color scheme you’d like to stick with? Also, what is the preferred lighting scheme? White lights are a fantastic and affordable way to create instant ambience and might also resolve a common dilemma: when one roomie is ready to sleep, but the other one still has work to do, these twinkly lights might keep the peace between both parties. Read Post…

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