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Black As a Feature Color – Yay or Nay?

Black House Laurie March Blog HGTV

In the fashion world, an all-black outfit has been considered a classic for quite some time. And yet, while style icons like Audrey Hepburn or Karl Lagerfeld embraced the look, legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour despises it. Why do the experts’ opinions range so dramatically? Because black is one of the most theatrical colors you can use in design.  So what about bringing this chic shade into your home? Check out some of these looks and let me know what you think:

Black Accent Color Laurie March Blog HGTV

This classic living room is an ode to old Hollywood. The pops of white trim help to give the space definition, while complementing the graphic rug. This look might be too daring for some, but others would feel right at home cozying up with a cocktail on that gorgeous jade couch. Where do you stand…or sit?

Black Decor Laurie March HGTV Blog

This sleek and modern black bathroom does an excellent job of incorporating unexpected, natural elements into a minimalist design. When the walls, counters and floor in a space are all monochromatic, they tend to showcase other elements in the room. That tub is meant to be the star of the show and with black as the main color everywhere else, that’s definitely what is happening in this room.

Black Dining Room HGTV Laurie March Blog


This black and white dining room manages to blend both classic and modern features together seamlessly. While the bright molding screams traditional, the reflective black and silver elements transport us into the future, giving it a more formal feel. How do you feel about the look? Are the looks merged well enough for you or are they too contrasting for your taste?

Black Bedroom Laurie March Blog HGTV

This giant plush headboard sets the tone in this striking black bedroom. A retro feel can be found in the light fixtures, as well as the satin bedding. Black can be an extremely restful color at night, but what about reading from this bed in the morning? Would the room be too dark in the day or are you charmed by the shadowy shades?

Black Kitchen Decor Laurie March Blog HGTV

This welcoming black kitchen is sure to make any guest feel at home. The main cabinets, island and fridge set a rich tone, while the stainless steel appliances, granite and natural light balance the room’s levels of brightness. What do you think of this dark and daring choice? Do you find it to be classic or cavernous?

What are your overall thoughts on this brave hue? Will you be designing with black in mind or are you more likely to crave a bright color after too long?

Voice Your Choice: The Writing On The Wall


You know the expression, if these walls could talk? Well it seems to me lately, that a lot of them do. Using words to decorate seems has become a big trend spanning all sorts of design styles. So what do you think about these mouthy murals? Do you like chatting with your interior or do you think your walls should be seen and not heard? Read Post…

Windows Boot Camp: Window Treatments

Pella Windows Photo courtesy of Pella

Welcome back to Boot Camp!

Now it’s been said that the clothes make the man. Whether or not that’s true, I’m here to tell you that window treatments can make that man very happy. So fall in, recruits! Take a look at some of the options you might consider when dressing your windows.

Is anyone else as excited about window treatments as I am? They can be instrumental, not only in your room’s design, but also in the functionality of your space. A few more things to consider when shopping for blinds, shades or curtains:

Photo courtesy of Pella

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Voice Your Choice: Mustard Yellow

I hope all of you are enjoying autumn as much as I am. I’m a huge fan of the cool crisp nights, cozy sweaters and, best of all: the foliage. Whether you’re lucky enough to live in a place filled with colorful leaves, or you enjoy fall through pictures like this one, one thing is for sure – those leaves know how to put on a show.

Mustard Yellow Laurie March HGTV Blog


I’ve done a little leaf peeping of my own lately and I’m so inspired by the rich, bright hues. I really enjoyed hearing what your thoughts on pumpkin orange, so I thought I’d ask you what you think about another fall favorite: mustard yellow. Read Post…

Windows Boot Camp: Window Materials

Aristotle once told us that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” and that is certainly true when it comes to your house. That being said, choosing the right parts can help significantly to create the best home for you.

All photos courtesy of Pella

Welcome back to Boot Camp, recruits! Your windows are an integral component of your house and it’s important to select the right material when you’re shopping for new ones. Let’s take a peek at some of the options out there.

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