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Kitchen Finishes: Glossy vs Matte

When it comes to kitchen finishes, you often hear the words “shiny” and “sleek,” but there’s an alternative to a glossy finish you might want to consider: matte.

kitchen countertop

Certain materials, such as this striking slate countertop above, are available in a matte finish – which is also called “honed.” While they may not shimmer in the sunlight, matte finishes tend to contribute some character all their own.

Kitchen Countertops

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Windows Boot Camp: Windows Assessment

Hello housing soldiers! I’m your drill sergeant, Laurie March, and I’d like to welcome you to Windows Boot Camp.

Photo courtesy of Pella

By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be top-notch experts – ready to take on any window-related issues thrown at you by your home. If your windows are unsafe, unseemly or unusable, we’re going to set things right. Right now! Complete my first drill below:

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Pumpkin Orange Statement Pieces – Yay or Nay?

I was looking to hear your opinions on permanent or modular kitchen islands and you did not disappoint. Most of you agreed that different circumstances might lead you to choose either option and you brought up some excellent points. As @DBCoop and @thedylaneastman pointed out, small spaces might benefit from mobility. As @TwoCorgis mentioned, however, if pet hair (or kids’ messes) are a problem for you, a permanent island might keep your floors cleaner. I’m going to keep all of your opinions in mind as I help my clients to design their dream kitchens.


As we have officially entered fall now, I was hoping I could get your thoughts on another subject: pumpkin orange statement pieces. This is the time of year where you start seeing pumpkin stuff everywhere. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin candles and sometimes, simply pumpkins begin to decorate our homes and bring a smile to our faces. The color pumpkin is such a cozy staple of autumn, I thought I’d explore it a little more and I’d love to hear what you think. Read Post…

Voice Your Choice: Modular or Permanent Kitchen Islands?

Summer has officially ended and, yet, I’m still dreaming of the island life: kitchen island life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I am kookoo for kitchen islands. You have all been so insightful in past remodeling debates, I figured I’d kick you a new one. Which do you prefer: permanent or modular kitchen islands? Let’s examine each option and then I’d love to hear which option you prefer.

Kitchen Islands HGTV Laurie March Blog

Permanent or ‘built-in’ kitchen islands are the perfect choice for many kitchen enthusiasts. They allow you to add sinks, stoves and electrical outlets directly into the island’s design. They can be instrumental in creating the perfect kitchen triangle plan that so many people prefer. Permanent islands, however, are in fact: permanent. If you’re someone that likes to rearrange your furniture every weekend, this might not be the best choice for you. Read Post…

And The Winning Outdoor Sofa is…

The beige couch! It was delivered this morning and here it is in its happy new home:

photo: Laurie March @hgtvcounselor Instagram

You guys are hired permanently, by the way.  You gave me so many great things to consider – and it was a tight race! In the end, I think as @Millie and @KateM said – the neutral option will give me a chance to play around with pops of color. @NancyGraham also made a good point – the bold green is beautiful, but isn’t as restful, which is the feeling I was hoping to create in this outdoor living room. Although I’m already loving these punchy and fun chevron pillows, I’m also looking forward to changing the look around from time to time. Check out some looks I’ve been considering:


You know I love a flamingo, am I right @flamingogirl?  I love the idea of adding a little whimsy and a lot of fun to my entertaining space. Especially before a party, adding some unexpected pieces can get people talking. I also appreciate the way designer Cassie Freeman mixed and matched pillows of differing sizes. Sometimes I like symmetry and sometimes it’s nice to add some variety instead. Read Post…

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