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Clever Upcycling: From Changing Station to Beautiful Bar Cart

I often watch my friends, who are parents, battle potty training, teething and the terrible two’s and wonder: How do they do it? From what I can see, being a parent requires love, patience and the occasional cocktail.

Upcycling a Bar Cart DIYAll photos (c) Daniel Callopy

So my buddy Sean and I decided to give one of my friends a little gift: an upcycled bar cart created from an old changing table that she (thankfully!) doesn’t need anymore. Upcycling is the concept of repurposing old items to give them new life. What better way to celebrate the end of diapers than creating a gorgeous 20s style bar cart for a terrific mom? Read Post…

Ombré For My Hombres

As promised, after all that talk about accent walls, I’m excited to share my tutorial on how to paint an ombré wall at home. As far as feature walls are concerned, this one has my heart.

Ombre Pillows

After painting this soothing accent wall for my friend, Erin, I nerded out on Pinterest on the subject. Ombré is the practice of blending colors from lightest to darkest tones. The trend has taken over and is now a popular hairstyle, manicure, and it’s even one of the most requested styles of wedding cake this year! In design, the effect is as dramatic as the contrast you allow in the tones. To me, the overall effect itself is very calming. Take a look at these gorgeous, airy curtains.

Ombre Curtains

Photo:, via Spicer + Bank



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Make Your Own DIY Barn Door

Barn Door DIY
Photography by Daniel Collopy
This DIY Barn door project could be a solution to many issues in many homes, but for my newlywed friends – it’s keeping romance alive in Costa Mesa, CA.

Newlyweds Scott and Chelsea bought a new home and fell in love with the high ceilings, gorgeous light, and great location. After some remodeling, they moved into the space and quickly realized a glaring problem: the master bedroom had a bathroom connected to it, including a two-sided fireplace they’d originally been impressed by- but were now completely frustrated at the lack of a door they could close to use the bathroom!

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Hip Hotel Tips for a Bold Bathroom

white hotel bathroom style tips

Candace Olsen design (c) HGTV

On the road again… but unlike Willie Nelson, I don’t have my own tour bus. So, it’s hotels for me.


There’s nothing like sinking into a freshly made bed with a chocolate mint on the pillow at the end of a long trek, but I must say… it’s hotel bathrooms that are especially inspiring to me these days. I’m impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of them. At a glance they may seem ho-hum, but you know what? There’s actually a lot more than meets the eye.

Hotel-Inspired Bathroom Design

Ditch the Circus Act: Creative Ways to Add Color

louis vuitton house

Photo courtesy of

You’ve got personality, you know it and your friends know it. That doesn’t mean the whole neighborhood needs to know it. Be your fabulous self without broadcasting it all over your home like you’re a circus ringmaster with a paintbrush megaphone. Read Post…

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