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2014 Blog Cabin Fever: First Video Reveal

 Laurie March Blog Cabin 2014
Photo: DIY Network, Blog Cabin 2014

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I am so glad to be coming to you today with the first Blog Cabin Reveal Video. Please click here for my behind-the-scenes look at the ingenious 2014 Blog Cabin’s plan. I couldn’t be more excited to start giving you the insider scoop on this gorgeous and ambitious remodel.

Laurie March Blog Cabin 2014

Photo: HGTV Remodels, Blog Cabin 2014

So many talented people and perspectives have come together to make this year’s Blog Cabin into a work of art. From the original house moved from Dundee, FL to the stunning and enormous plot of Winter Haven land that our lucky residents will call home – every detail has been meticulously planned with the winner and their family in mind. Read Post…

2014 Blog Cabin: Raised Fire Pits

To all of those who voted for the 2014 Blog Cabin’s outdoor features, great job! The results are in and I think you’ve made some excellent decisions – including the choice to grow veggies and herbs in the garden!

Laurie March Blog Raised Fire Pits
Photo:, Dream Home 2012

Another thing I was excited to see was that the raised metal fire pit had been chosen for the backyard. Outdoor fire pits have become a coveted feature in recent years. Not unlike the diversity found in pool design, styles of fire pits now run the gamut. While we might think of these cozy components as mere campfires, when raised above ground they can be elevated to works of art. Read Post…

2014 Blog Cabin: Sensational Sunrooms

Blog Cabin 2014 Laurie March Blog
Photo Courtesy:

They say people who live glass houses…are very, very lucky. Since this winter has outstayed its welcome in many parts of the country, I thought I’d spend some time thinking about one of my favorite rooms in the new Blog Cabin: the sunroom. Whether you use it to warm up on a cold day, as haven for your plants and flowers or even as more of a “moonroom,” these coveted spaces provide you with a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors from inside. Read Post…

2014 Blog Cabin: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Blog Cabin @2014

(c) David Smith

Well, now that the media room votes have been cast, it’s time to turn our attention to the 2014 Blog Cabin’s outdoor spaces! Vote here up to ten times per day to decide what goes where on the lakeside bungalow’s lawn. You get to choose the shape of the deck, the style of the fire pit and whether you’d prefer Adirondack chairs or some chaise lounges.

Read Post…

Blog Cabin 2014: Upcycled Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting

Writing to you again from Winter Haven, where we have been dealing with some weather. Yes, there’s been some rain, but not enough to damper the Blog Cabin parade. We’ve been hard at work creating a fantastic and unique lakeside bungalow, with your help, of course.

Blog Cabin Light Fixtures Laurie March

Photo:, courtesy Flea Market Flip

For those of you following the voting results, you’ve chosen a pot rack as opposed to an upcycled chandelier in the kitchen, opting to include an upcycled pendant fixture in the master bathroom instead. So I’ve been having fun exploring some shining examples of this new trend – repurposing both ordinary and extraordinary objects into gorgeous chandeliers. Take a look at some of the stunners I found. Read Post…

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