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Voice Your Choice: Mustard Yellow

I hope all of you are enjoying autumn as much as I am. I’m a huge fan of the cool crisp nights, cozy sweaters and, best of all: the foliage. Whether you’re lucky enough to live in a place filled with colorful leaves, or you enjoy fall through pictures like this one, one thing is for sure – those leaves know how to put on a show.

Mustard Yellow Laurie March HGTV Blog


I’ve done a little leaf peeping of my own lately and I’m so inspired by the rich, bright hues. I really enjoyed hearing what your thoughts on pumpkin orange, so I thought I’d ask you what you think about another fall favorite: mustard yellow. Read Post…

Windows Boot Camp: Windows Assessment

Hello housing soldiers! I’m your drill sergeant, Laurie March, and I’d like to welcome you to Windows Boot Camp.

Photo courtesy of Pella

By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll be top-notch experts – ready to take on any window-related issues thrown at you by your home. If your windows are unsafe, unseemly or unusable, we’re going to set things right. Right now! Complete my first drill below:

Read Post…

My Outdoor Sofa: Voice Your Choice

Life is filled with decisions and, after an amazing year of working on this 2014’s Blog Cabin, I’ve realized that polling a group of terrific people can be an excellent way to break a tie. I’m an insane fan of outdoor furniture. So, inspired by the fantastic choices made by viewers during the Winterhaven remodel, I’ve decided to let all of you choose which alfresco sofa I choose for my very own house.

Outdoor Furniture

This time of year can be a wonderful time to shop for outdoor gear, as a lot of pieces are going on sale. I’ve been looking around for a patio couch for quite a while, but I am torn. Should I go with a neutral sofa, like the one above, and then spice things up with some pops of color? Or should I buy a colorful couch, like the one below, and tone things down with earth-toned accents? Read Post…

Cool Closet Conversions

If space is tight and your life is big, you might find yourself craving an additional room – an office, a library or even a napping nook (you know how I love them). Sure you could move, but there might be an easier solution. Why not convert a closet to suit your specific needs?


This multifaceted mudroom has been carved out of an old coat closet. While it simply provided storage before, now it greets guests, keeps outerwear organized and gives you a spot to park your seat while you’re putting on shoes. If you’re looking for more of an entryway in your home, this might be a conversion to consider. Read Post…

Bathroom Chandeliers: Yay or Nay?

Shaving, applying make-up, styling hair and brushing your teeth would be really hard to do in the dark, so it’s safe to say that bathroom lighting is fairly important.  But I’ve been thinking about one trend this week that’s a little more fun than functional: the bathroom chandelier.


A chandelier is often seen as a symbol of luxury and elegance and can often be found in dining rooms. If you love to host dinner parties, you might agree that the clinking of glasses is perfectly complemented by the twinkling of crystal light. But what about installing one of those lavish beauties in the loo? Read Post…

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