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Thank You, Veterans! Poppies of Appreciation

Maya Angelou said, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” and today we do just that.


The beautiful red poppy is a symbol of gratitude that can be displayed in support of our soldiers, past and present. If you’re interested in learning more about the significance of these rosy and resilient flowers, please read this article written by DIY Host and garden guru, Maureen Dilmer. I loved learning about the symbol’s history and I’ve been thinking of different ways to include poppies in our everyday lives.

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Windows Boot Camp: Window Materials

Aristotle once told us that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” and that is certainly true when it comes to your house. That being said, choosing the right parts can help significantly to create the best home for you.

All photos courtesy of Pella

Welcome back to Boot Camp, recruits! Your windows are an integral component of your house and it’s important to select the right material when you’re shopping for new ones. Let’s take a peek at some of the options out there.

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Windows Boot Camp: Window Features

“Energy” and “efficient” are two of the most popular words uttered by window warriors these days, but what do they really mean? There are many individual features to consider when shopping for the best windows for your specific home. Are you ready to be schooled on all of them?

Photo courtesy of Pella

Sure, one window might look the same as any other window to you now, but after you’ve completed my Windows Boot Camp, you’ll be a fully informed window feature creature. Read Post…

Voice Your Choice: Painted Ceilings

It’s time for you to punch in, folks! I’d love to hear your thoughts on a design element a client of mine has been contemplating for a while: the painted ceiling.

Painted Ceiling


Painting your ceiling can be a very dramatic way to change a room’s tone and feel. The deep purple ceiling above provides an unexpected pop of color in an unexpected place. It is labor intensive, however, so it’s not something to be done on a whim. Check out some ceilings and let let me know what you think. Read Post…

And The Winning Outdoor Sofa is…

The beige couch! It was delivered this morning and here it is in its happy new home:

photo: Laurie March @hgtvcounselor Instagram

You guys are hired permanently, by the way.  You gave me so many great things to consider – and it was a tight race! In the end, I think as @Millie and @KateM said – the neutral option will give me a chance to play around with pops of color. @NancyGraham also made a good point – the bold green is beautiful, but isn’t as restful, which is the feeling I was hoping to create in this outdoor living room. Although I’m already loving these punchy and fun chevron pillows, I’m also looking forward to changing the look around from time to time. Check out some looks I’ve been considering:


You know I love a flamingo, am I right @flamingogirl?  I love the idea of adding a little whimsy and a lot of fun to my entertaining space. Especially before a party, adding some unexpected pieces can get people talking. I also appreciate the way designer Cassie Freeman mixed and matched pillows of differing sizes. Sometimes I like symmetry and sometimes it’s nice to add some variety instead. Read Post…

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