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Bold Bathroom Backsplashes

I think most of us love to drool over unique kitchen backsplashes, but what about splashing a little bit of style in the bath? I’ve been combing through some truly distinctive bathroom backsplashes, trying to decide which I like best. Take a look and tell me what you think!

The warm, woodsy backsplash is an unexpected treat in this bathroom. The designers are Everitt & Schilling - a company known for their gorgeous recycled wood tiles. The result is a welcoming powder room, sure to make guests feel right at home. Read Post…

So Jaded: A Glance at Jade Green

When it comes to playing favorites, green is the second most popular color in the world (after blue). But word green can be used to describe so many different tones: sage, mint, moss, kelly, emerald and one of my favorites: Jade.


While I love the insanely current color, teal, I’ve been missing some other greens lately. I, for one, am ready for jade to make a comeback. In the room above, the wall has such a stunning depth and a richness to it, all thanks to this beautiful hue. Here are some other examples of jade doing its job very well. Read Post…

Patriotic Palettes: Red, White and Blue for Any Room

Red White and Blue House Laurie March Blog

Last year, I took a look at the different ways we can bring our Fourth of July celebrations outside. This year, I’ve decided to bring the party indoors. I’m talking about the colors red, white and blue. These three buddies get along really well and can be incorporated into the design scheme of any room. Let’s take a look at some Independence Day inspired styles. Read Post…

2014 Dwell On Design Recap

Whew! I am starting my Monday off with a strong cup of coffee after three fantastic days at this year’s Los Angeles Dwell on Design conference. It’s one of my favorite weekends of the year, filled with old friends and new products to enhance the home. Here I am catching up with the Kitchen Cousins about their new season of Cousins Undercover, which premieres this Wednesday on HGTV! I can’t wait.

Laurie March Design Conference Blog 2014Photos: @HGTVcounselor Instagram

On Friday, I was lucky enough to speak to a wonderful group of designers on the subject of “Remodeling Reality.”  After a fantastic Q&A, I hit the floor to suss out some of the coolest, cutting edge creations in design right now. Here are my first two favorites.

Zangra Textile Cable Lights

Laurie March HGTV Design Conference Blog 2014

Belgian lighting company, Zangra, designs these gorgeous creatures. The beautiful pendant lights come with 10’ of textile cord in an amazing range of colors and patterns. Imagine the cool things you could do with these? They just need a standard bulb and they’ll plug into your average US outlet. They can hang solo, or in groups – the possibilities are endless. Light an outdoor area, an industrial space or dangle from any ceiling beam or homemade hook. The cords are as bright as the light they provide. Read Post…

Mother’s Day Gifts: To Buy or DIY?

Laurie march Mother's Day Blog

Photo:, courtesy Matthew Mead

If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating with your own mother this year or if you just want to honor a lovely lady in your life, you’re probably realizing that Mother’s Day gift giving can be stressful. How do you provide to those who love to provide for others? It’s not always easy.  While a lovely brunch or floral arrangements are always great options, you might want to mix it up this year. Check out some of the ideas I’ve been mulling over and remember that you don’t always have to buy – you can also DIY.
Read Post…

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