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And The Winning Outdoor Sofa is…

The beige couch! It was delivered this morning and here it is in its happy new home:

photo: Laurie March @hgtvcounselor Instagram

You guys are hired permanently, by the way.  You gave me so many great things to consider – and it was a tight race! In the end, I think as @Millie and @KateM said – the neutral option will give me a chance to play around with pops of color. @NancyGraham also made a good point – the bold green is beautiful, but isn’t as restful, which is the feeling I was hoping to create in this outdoor living room. Although I’m already loving these punchy and fun chevron pillows, I’m also looking forward to changing the look around from time to time. Check out some looks I’ve been considering:


You know I love a flamingo, am I right @flamingogirl?  I love the idea of adding a little whimsy and a lot of fun to my entertaining space. Especially before a party, adding some unexpected pieces can get people talking. I also appreciate the way designer Cassie Freeman mixed and matched pillows of differing sizes. Sometimes I like symmetry and sometimes it’s nice to add some variety instead. Read Post…

My Outdoor Sofa: Voice Your Choice

Life is filled with decisions and, after an amazing year of working on this 2014’s Blog Cabin, I’ve realized that polling a group of terrific people can be an excellent way to break a tie. I’m an insane fan of outdoor furniture. So, inspired by the fantastic choices made by viewers during the Winterhaven remodel, I’ve decided to let all of you choose which alfresco sofa I choose for my very own house.

Outdoor Furniture

This time of year can be a wonderful time to shop for outdoor gear, as a lot of pieces are going on sale. I’ve been looking around for a patio couch for quite a while, but I am torn. Should I go with a neutral sofa, like the one above, and then spice things up with some pops of color? Or should I buy a colorful couch, like the one below, and tone things down with earth-toned accents? Read Post…

Patterned Bathroom Tile Floors – Busy or Beautiful?

patterned bathroom floor

There’s nothing that gets me worked up faster than carpet in the bathroom – it gives me the heebie jeebies. I do, however, love the look of a gorgeous patterned floor. So I’ve been exploring the wild world of bathroom floor tiles. Picking a patterned tile can be an intimidating decision, but when done correctly, can turn your loo into a real looker. The Moroccan tile above reminds me of a gorgeous, handmade rug – that never needs to be vacuumed. Read Post…

September Homework Stations

Reading and writing and ‘rithmatic are back! So it’s time to create a space for schoolwork once again. It can be really helpful to carve out a designated area for your kid’s homework.

september school decor

Just like adults who work from home, having a specific work area not only helps a person to focus on their work, but it helps them to relax and enjoy other activities in a different space when the work is done. If you’re lucky enough to have an entire homework room like the space above, that is fantastic. But there are a few other tricks you might try if you’re tight on space. Read Post…

Hot Pink at Home: Gorgeous or Garish?

hot pink homes laurie march hgtv blog


What do you think about pink? Hot pink, to be exact. Possibly one of the most polarizing colors out there, bright bold fuchsias are becoming more and more popular in all areas of design. So how does this hue hold up at home? Let’s take a look.

Read Post…

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