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Well I’ve returned home for now – studying up on all things Blog Cabin and planning my next trip back. This week you can vote here on media room features up to ten times per day. You can weigh in on the couch, type of sound system and even how the extra space in the room should be used. One thing we have to wait to be surprised by is the television. This has me pondering an age-old question: When it comes to television screens, is bigger always better?

Laurie March Blog on Big TV Sets

I have some friends that wouldn’t have to hesitate before answering. To them, it’s simple – get the biggest television you can find. I have to admit on game days or when I’ve wanted to watch a movie like Gravity, I’m ringing their doorbell. But when I’m watching the news at night, I don’t want to feel like I’m sitting in Brian Williams’ pores, you know?

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So how do you know what size TV is right for you? You can start by looking at the size of the room in which it’s going to be used. Most specifically, measure the distance between where you’ll be sitting and where the television will be. The people at have come up with these amazing useful Seat-To-Screen Viewing Calculations to help you choose the right size for your space.

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So if you have 4 feet of space between yourself and your screen, you might opt for a 35-40 inch set (remember screens are measured diagonally). Following these guidelines will not only enhance you TV viewing experience, but also the overall look of the room, guaranteeing a the television won’t overwhelm the space. It’s also worth noting that the guidelines they provide regarding height of your TV might spare you some serious neck pain down the line.

Laurie March Blog TV Height Tips


I, for one, can’t wait to see the completed media room in the 2014 Blog Cabin! The truth is the quality of televisions made now is so high, the screen size might matter less anyway.

What do you think? Are you big on the big screen or happy to scale back?

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  1. DBCoop says:

    My thoughts on the age-old question that 's been debated by scholars for centuries: what's the best TV screen size for your room?

    If you have a dedicated Media Room or Home Theater, go big or go home — someone else's home, that is, who has a room-filling screen.

    If not, and your TV shares the space with other design and function focal points or household activities, it's all in the proportions.

    See suggestions above in Laurie's Blog Cabin Media Room post:

  2. SRDA says:

    I totally agree with the comment above – we actually have three TVs – a giant (to me anyone) in the tv room in the basement, a medium sized one on the wall in our bedroom and a tiny, flip down one in the kitchen. I like that neither of the TVs outside of the room that is used pretty much exclusively for TV-watching are over-powered by them.

    I am jealous of the set up friends have in their basement/rec room – a projector that shoots the video right one a giant blank wall. I love that the TV literally isn't there at all unless they turn it on!

  3. Jay Michajlluk says:

    l would not say get the biggest size you can. There is a science to this and a lot of what you want out of your system plays a big part. What you like to watch also has a lot to do with it. When designing our home theater it took about two years to make the right decision for us. First we did not want a TV we wanted a theater. We wanted the feeling of being there. To feel the sound not kill it. Equipment choices needed to be just right. Turning to professionals and having them walk you through the process is of value. They will take your wants and needs and review them in the space you are going to adapt as a theater. The end result is a custom install and there maybe changes as you go along. Our end result is just amazing. Oh and yes "Gravity" viewed in Blu-Ray HD Real 3D was better then when we first viewed it at the movies and I did not have to drive home.

  4. MAOW says:

    Size is important but since most of what I watch is sports I focus more on having multiple TV's than one HUGE TV. I enjoy watching my team on the Main Screen with RED ZONE on another TV (Muted).

    When watching Movies having a second TV available for the kiddies to play Wii Bowling is also great.

  5. mrmoogy says:

    Most of our viewing is movies in the LR at about 18ft away and a 32" LCD, not big enough at 18 ft away. After visiting with a local home theater company I was told a 60in LCD would work because we have seating at 4ft also.

    The LCD has always been at the top of our list because after research and having been in TV display areas and watching those with hearing aids grab their ears and hearing the RF squeal created by Plasma coming from their aids. A friend has electronic equipment that receives interference from his neighbors Plasma TV two doors away. LCD to me has just as sharp a picture and in most cases is less expensive.

  6. TwoCorgis says:

    I need a new tv – I'm squinting at the screen when subtitles come up, or when a character is typing a text or something. I have to pause, rewind, and walk up to the tv to read. I'm going to keep all of this in mind when I finally save enough money for a big screen. Thanks, Laurie!

  7. Sheri McNamara says:

    Televisions have certainly changed especially over the last few years. I see no need in keeping up with the Jones's so to speak. Keeping it cozy works for me. In my opinion, a tv in the family room should be able to be viewed from a distance especially if it has all kinds of gadgets with it. If someone chooses to have a tv in the kitchen so they can keep an eye out on news, weather, etc while cooking just keep it simple, no mega tv needed. Well, that's just my opinion. Have a wonderful day. Thanks Laurie I appreciate all your hard work. XXXOOO

  8. CheleRS3 says:

    I am guessing men would say yes and women would say no. I know that I don't need a monster TV to be the main focal point in my room. I would want my eye to be drawn to something else or just different things in the room not just a giant TV

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