2014 Blog Cabin: 3 B’s of Bungalow Style

Blog Cabin 2014
Photo: Courtesy TheCraftsmanBlog

I am writing to you again from gorgeous Winter Haven, FL – site of the 2014 DIY Network Blog Cabin! This year we’re remodeling a relaxing lakeside bungalow. While I’m down here, I’ve been I’ve been poking around, exploring the basics of the 1920s bungalow design. The house above is in nearby Orlando’s historic Colonialtown South – a/k/a Bungalow Heaven. Here are three elements I’ve been finding in most bungalows that will also be incorporated into the Blog Cabin’s new look.

Built Ins

Blog Cabin 2014

 Photo: HGTV.com

Since traditional bungalows tend to be on the petite side, built in furniture and storage were often included in their construction. These built ins have become sought after staples in many home remodels (of course that does depend on who you ask). Like the chest of drawers above, these built ins are storage saviors for those living in smaller spaces. You can vote right here right now to decide whether the Blog Cabin’s media room will include a built in snack center or a built in DVD cabinet! What’s your vote?

Breakfast Nooks

Blog Cabin 2014

Photo: HGTV.com, HGTV Magazine

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of a home, where people tend to gather. A bungalow often manages to fit people into it’s kitchen using built in bench or banquette seating to create a breakfast nook. These cozy corners are wonderful places to catch up, get some work done or watch the cook. As Emily Henderson shows us above, their size does not take away from their chicness. In the Blog Cabin’s breakfast nook, you’ve already voted to have pull out drawers in the bench seat as opposed to flip up cabinets. That’s going to be some fantastic storage.


Blog Cabin 2014

 Photo: RyanWholesale.com

You will often find charming exposed beams in a traditional bungalow. Another ingenious way some architects have managed to open up the design’s smaller spaces is to expose the trusses in the ceiling. Rather than a low flat ceiling, this feature can reveal feet of otherwise hidden space, making a room feel much larger. In this year’s blog cabin, you voted to include this element in the master bedroom. I literally cannot wait to see the final result. I’m sure the future winner will thank you!

Stay tuned for more updates and remember that you can vote up to ten times per day to decide what features and finishings will be used in Blog Cabin!  Oh, and don’t forget to be on the lookout for the Flamingo family on the Cabin Cam! More to come, but right now I have to get back to work!

Let me know what you think about bungalow style?

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  1. DBCoop says:

    Love the 3 B's of the Blog Cabin. Built Ins are great space savers and ideal storage spaces. Breakfast nooks are comfy, casual and kitchen-close conveniences. Exposed beams please the eyes and delight the senses with a refreshing feel of expansive open spaces. While pink flamingos add a whimsical and exotic touch of the tropics.

    Maybe two of Laurie's fine feathered friends (I'll call them Fred and Ginger) will stay behind to welcome the lucky winner of the DIY Blog Cabin. (After all, there's bound to be plenty of dancing around to celebrate!)

  2. DBCoop says:

    Along with the homes of Orlando's Colonialtown South, it's well worth a visit to the city's beautifully restored 1858 Harry P Leu historical home and botanical gardens with its fifty acres of tropical plantings and lakes.

    While admiring the dreamy lakeside landscape, however, remember not to stand too close to the water's edge! Sage advice that not even a pink flamingo would ignore! http://blog.hgtvremodels.com/2014/03/05/2014-blog

  3. Jay Michajluk says:

    I like these posts. I can see them being used in this years blog cabin. The beams shown above would also look good as part of an outdoor kitchen.

  4. jchristie24 says:

    Laurie you have done a wonderful job describing and illustrating the features that America has chosen for our cute bungalow aka our Blog Cabin 2014! Although I did not vote for the pull out drawers in the kitchen seating area, your illustration shows how nice it will look. I being not as young as I once was will probably have some troubles with those things so when I win this adorable home, I will stash things in there that I probably will not use very often! Lol! I did, however, vote for the vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom! I can only imagine at this time how gorgeous they will look when they are finished!

    I have been enjoying watching you and Dylan making the raised planter boxes! As you indicated on the video, this will be the first for the Blog Cabin series. Also, I love the way your little pink helpers are finding their way around the place too!! I am sure they love their new home and will be eger to meet their new owners!

    That is all for now Laurie, tomorrow is going to be a bad storm day so be sure to take cover as soon as you hear thunder!! :)

    • Laurie_March says:

      The garden is doing well, apparently. I'll have to take everyone's word for it until I can get my hands back in the dirt in April. The flamingos signed on to do some weeding in my absence ;)

      Always nice to see you here and in Instagram!

  5. Maria says:

    Hi Laurie, Thank you for showing us the 3 B's they are excellent choices for the B/C. Hope the B/C looks just like the Orlando Historic Colonial Town South – A/K/A Bungalow Heaven you showed us. By the way, I love your little Pink flamingos. My heart is really set in winning this Beautiful B/C, DIY is doing a great job with this B/C. Thank everyone at DIY for their hard work, and thank you for keeping us updated. Have a great day!! Maria, NJ.

  6. CucumberH0H says:

    Is there going to be room under the stairs for everything? a powder room & a built in shelf /storage area? My first thought about the popcorn stand was food & spillage &aroma in that stored area & it is convenient for the media room. Snack table. Does the shelf have a built in electric circuit or does the built in just pull out (plug in the wall)& stay right there or is it a mobile pull out and can freely move around? One can store anything there, besides refreshments.(even the dvd's). Built in shelves are nice too. Throw the dvds. photos, candles etc there. The 3B's are nice & cozy.

  7. Bobbi in Indy says:

    I've enjoyed all of the comments about BC.We have been looking at homes in this area to plan for retirement in the near future.This would be beyond my wildest dreams.My husband loves to fish and I love to garden.I'm sure our children and grandkids would visit often if we should win this year.Thanks for making it so fun Watch.

  8. TwoCorgis says:

    I love the photo you chose as an example of "beams". What a stunning room! The light-colored stone and light and dark wood all contrast so beautifully.

  9. Jacqueline says:

    I love these photos. Would love to win this home but if not want to remodel mine next? Boy does it need one.

  10. mary f miller says:

    I have tried so hard to get everyone to vote for the popcorn station – I love the idea of hidden furniture –not everywhere but enough to make it interesting. I check the cam every day to see what is going on and where the flamingoes are nesting.. thank you for your updates — I can't wait to see the final results.

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