Blog Cabin 2014: Pink Flamingo Peek-a-Boo

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Greetings from gorgeous and sunny Winter Haven, Florida! I took this pic just around the corner form the 2014 DIY Network Blog Cabin!

And here I am on site with the wonderful Dennis from Waller Group Construction. I am here to tell you: this 1920s lakeside bungalow is going to be a masterpiece – with your help, of course. For those of you who don’t know already, you can vote here up to 10 times per day to determine which fixtures and finishings should be used in this stunning remodel.

Photo: Orlando Sentinel. by Joe Burbank

 I’ll be coming at you live and shooting some sneak peeks of the progress being made. I’ve also brought some friends with me, The Flamingo Family. Watch the Cabin Cam every day this week and let me know if you’ve seen us! You can either leave a comment here on the blog or hit me up on Twitter to tell me where you’ve spotted us! Also taking suggestions for names? What would you call these cuties?


And a word about our feathered, er, plastic friends: Did you know the first plastic pink flamingo was made in 1957 by sculptor Don Featherstone? While these pieces of colorful kitsch are known as a Florida staple, they actually originate from Leominster, Massachusetts! Don and his wife Nancy still live there today, surrounded by 57 pink beauties of their own. Even more interesting, the couple has been dressing alike for 30 years!

You learn something new everyday! And I’m learning all kinds of things here at Blog Cabin. See you (or you will see me) very soon!

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  1. MARY F. MILLER says:


  2. MARY F. MILLER says:

    I am so glad to find that I am not the only person that finds old hardware exciting! I have been collecting plain & fancy hardware from discarded furniture and doors for years and donating to our local "trash to treasure" for years. Love you projects._

  3. MARY F. MILLER says:

    What would you call these cuties?
    At the cabin — call them the blushing Havenites.

  4. Slps60 says:

    What magnificent view from the west side of the blog cabin, and thanks for letting us see that side of the house. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with those pink flamingos. Thanks Laurie.

  5. Slps60 says:

    I keep trying to post something on this blog and it keeps disappearing, the first time it said it needed to be approved by the admin before posting, the second time I saw nothing, and neither time did it show up as a post. I was responding to the above comment "there are no comments posted yet" be the first one!

    I am trying this once more.

    My post was thanking Laurie for a beautiful sunrise in Winter Haven and wondering what She is going to do with those pink flamingos.

  6. Clive says:

    Cute piece. Love the Flams.

  7. DBCoop says:

    I'm tickled pink we'll be seeing more of you and the Blog Cabin in the days ahead!

  8. DBCoop says:

    Question: how do you tell one pink flamingo from another? Do they each have their own quirky personalities?

  9. DBCoop says:

    So what DO we call these pink Phoenicopterus? As a group? Or give them each a name, individually, as we see them stroll across the Cabin Cam screen?

    Let's see, since we're lakeside at the Blog Cabin, as a group I might call them the Cabin Cruisers. Or the Hamilton Hillbillies? (after Lake Hamilton, of course) Since they're in Polk County, possibly the Polk-a Dots?

    Individually, when they're first spotted on Cabin Cam? Maybe after one of the many lakes in the surrounding countryside? Some of those neighboring lake names are: Ada, Dexter, Daisy, Elbert, Eloise, Fannie, Gordon, Florence, Henry, Ina, Howard, Lulu, Lee, Martha, Ned, Mariam, Otis, Ruby, Roy and Sara.

    Whew, just how many of these pink flamingos are there, after all? Thankfully, there are plenty more lakes.

    And did you know that a group of flamingos can be called a colony, flurry, regiment or a stand? I'd say that Laurie March's pink flamingos will definitely be of the 'stand' and model variety. Or, if they're carefully following the marching orders called out by the Blog Cabin project manager, they could be called Dylan's regiment.

    It's a fine flurry of feathered flamingos you've got us in to, Laurie, and all for the entertainment of DIY's colony of Cabin Cam connoisseurs.

  10. MARY F. MILLER says:

    ok — peoples choice — I get the surround sound and even the office over craft ,even though its hard.. but why would you want a dust collecting cd shelf over that awesome concealed popcorn station…. you can use it for the cds but it goes back into the wall and does not collect dust —– really think about it!

  11. jchristie24 says:

    Well just before the cabin cam went down, I saw one of our Florida birdies over where the tree sheds shade and is right next too the neighbor's lot line. Then cabin cam went poof! Anyway, glad to see you are having fun here in Florida!

  12. jchristie24 says:

    You know Coop, I will bet anything that Laurie brought in some very feisty feathers and that one or more of them are pecking away at the cabin cam cables!! Honestly Laurie, aren't you watching your little flock closely? You never know, one or more of them may end up in the lake and unable to get out! lol :p

  13. Millie says:

    I saw one near the burn pile.

  14. MARY F. MILLER says:

    Pinkie is inspecting the foundation up close while Laurie & the others have a little chat!

  15. MARY F. MILLER says:

    Now he has joined the discussion group — hey ask where the black pipe when & what it was!

  16. Roxann Linville says:

    Seen one of the pink cuties around 12;15 between the little tree and a stack of plywood on the right side of the cabin. What a cute idea of the pink flamingos.

  17. AnneEliseSouth says:

    Wow, good old Leominster Mass. made HGTV news! I grew up in the next town over. Leominster is the unofficial plastic capital of the U.S. I love pink flamingos! They are kind of kitschy, and make you smile, as long as they are not allowed to stay in the yard all winter, and of course you have to move them around the yard each week or so, to keep it interesting.
    They were used as a fundraiser back home, and a flock could appear unannounced, overnight in someone's front yard, and for a fee, they would be rounded up and relocated to the next potential donor's front yard. It was fun to see where they would "migrate" next.

  18. MARY F. MILLER says:

    Wow the Flamingoes are out early today — checking out the front foundation and hugging the little tree. they must be impressed as we all are with the speed at which everything is happening!

  19. CSW says:

    I think you should name the flamingos after all the tourist attractions in the state for example Disney, Cypress, Lego, Silver, Universal, ,Bok, Gator, etc. There were two one by the house and one by the magnolia tree what a fun idea placing the flamingos on the site.

  20. CSW says:

    I think you should name the flamingos after all the tourist attractions in the state for example Disney, Cypress, Lego, Silver, Universal, ,Bock, etc. There were two one by the house and one by the magnolia tree

  21. Jennifer Smith says:

    I love your idea with the pink flamingos. I have a mad passion for them. I have one in my garden that has moving wings. My neighbors complain about him (his name is Floyd – think about and you'll understand). So, I am truly enjoying looking for the pink guys. Thanks also for your reports.

  22. MARY F. MILLER says:

    The windows are going in ! What a view!

  23. Roxann Linville says:

    Seen two of the little pink cuties today the 6th at 12;15 one by the little tree to the right of the house and one by the house under the new windows going in on the right side of the house possibly the kitchen windows.

  24. CucumberH0H says:

    We have to find Laurie a hard hat with pink flamingos !

  25. MARY F. MILLER says:

    No camera & no Panorama mode

  26. donna white says:

    Thank you, Laurie! What a beautiful picture!! The artist side of me just thought it was a feast for the eyes!!
    I love the flamingoes …. they always bring a smile to my face either live or plastic. [<:
    Thanks to Don and Nancy for being so creative and adventuresome!! (=

  27. MARY F. MILLER says:

    Not a good place for a flamingo to take a nap right under the windows where all the action is. You should go over under the little tree with your little friend. I really think the people made the right choice with the windows they will frame the view wonderfully and the transom windows will let in even more of our Florida sunshine.

  28. csprowl57 says:

    Well I'm so impressed with all the work on the Blog Cabin, it's going to be the best of them all. Even the location Winter Haven sounds like a place you would want to live. And I found out today that the Flamingo's are the same age as me. So happy 57th. birthday Flamingo's. The cabin is looking so good and all the windows I just can't wait to see the finished project. Keep on Keeping on Fantastic.

  29. Roxann Linville says:

    Found one of the pink cuties up a tree going toward the lake and one still by the little tree to the right of the house at 12:45 on March 7th. Love these pink cuties and the cabin!

  30. Mary F. Miller says:

    They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush — Do you think that applies to one flamingo in a tree and one in the flower bed…. talk about a birds eye view! PS what's with the Coldwell Bankers sign out by the lake?

  31. Roxann Linville says:

    today the 8th at 4:47 one of the pink cuties was over to the left of the cabin by the piece of machinery, and one is over to the right of the cabin back by a red shed.

  32. Mary F. Miller says:

    Sunrise over the cabin was beautiful this morning. saw the flamingos one guarding the equipment and one still working in the flowerbed!

  33. filanddell says:

    I see the flamingo is by the heavy machinery, since it is not in use, good time to get a closer look. Name it Curious Watcher, a lot like me.

  34. Roxann Linville says:

    Seems the two flamingos are in same place as on Saturday, guess they are resting today the 9th at 6:39.

  35. MARY F MILLER says:


  36. MARY F MILLER says:

    The workmen are busy in the back today and the flamingo in the flower bed is now up in the little tree in the front — now they are at both ends of the cabin front they can keep an eye on the work without getting in the way! — Wish I was small & pink so I could watch up close too!

  37. Roxann Linville says:

    Seen one flamingo in the little tree to the right of house and one to the left going toward the other house by a pile of something at 12:35 on March 12th. .Think they were in same place yesterday about this same time.

  38. Roxann Linville says:

    The two cute flamingos at 7:10pm on March 15th are one to the right of the trailor with the design of a lightning bolt by the tree and the 2nd one is to the left of the 1st by the fence line going down toward the lake. Can't hardly wait until Monday to see what will be done next to the cabin.

  39. Roxann Linville says:

    The pink cuties have not moved since Sat. the 15th guess they are resting.

  40. judith stahlman says:

    I saw for the first time a flamingo over by the neighbors fence..I have been watching the cabin cam often and this is the first I've seen anything posted about them. This is going to be fun.

  41. Pam Ford says:

    There's nothing so far about this house that isnt awesome…Since the lots is long & narrow I'd definelty plant nothing but lots & lots of orange trees!

  42. CSW says:

    Have you named these lovely flamingo's yet? Just wondering they are gettting older each day?

  43. Sheri McNamara says:

    Hi Laurie, I just had to let you know I found the missing flamingo. One is down by fire pit and the other is under the oak thats close to cam. Funny enough the both have party hats . The second one is on its side with the hat and an empty water bottle next to it!! Looks like one of the vehicles might have got to it. But both flamingos are there!! Yea. I remember you said something about going back there soon so maybe you can rescue and reunite them. One thing bothering me a bit, is it possible for someone to pick up trash at the end of work day. I could see the neighbor lady looking over at property one day and she didn't look happy at loose garbage blowing around. I know how important it is to keep the peace esp. when the crew is working so hard. Hope to see you soon at my home-to-be .Be safe in your travels. xxoo

  44. Roxann Linville says:

    Been hard to find the pink flamingos with all the trucks parking in the front of the cabin. But one has been down by the water for over a week now and now April 2nd at 1:53 he is by a heap or pile of something and from a distance almost looks like a dog by it this one has been in same place for a few days now . Cabin is coming along quite nicely,oh how I would love to live there. Since there will be steps from the door and the vote for curved patio won wouldn't the steps be awesome if they were rounded also.Look forward everyday to see all the changes in the cabin. thank you!

  45. Roxann Linville says:

    One pink flamingo is by the tree and one is still down toward the water by the pile of something it's April 3rd at 3:31 pm the tree is in middle of yard and a white truck is parked by it .

  46. Roxann Linville says:

    The cabin is looking simply amazing ! Can't wait to see what's next. What is the tape across the trees for? Seen one of the cute pink flamingos on April 10th at 2:55 by a pile of dirt or debris as looking toward the neighbors house. Also seen a real white crane looking bird down toward the water is it called an egret? How great it would to live in this beautiful cabin by the water.

  47. Roxann Linville says:

    Wow seen 7 of the pink cuties today April 12th at 6pm. There is one still one over toward the neighbors house by a sand or dirt pile. Two down toward the water by a tree that has a spool like thing by it and then there is 4 down by the fence to the left of the property . Laurie this is fun. Just hope I am commenting in the right place about my findings. Cabin is just amazing.

  48. Roxann Linville says:

    Today April 16th at 1:40pm there are 4 of the pink cuties still down by the water and one by the on left going toward the lake and two over by the tree on the right.. Will there be any palm trees? Love palm trees. Will the steps on the patio be rounded? Since patio will be curved steps would look good rounded also. With bottom step bigger than smaller as you would get to the door. The plans show wood steps, but was just wondering if they might be concrete.

  49. Roxann Linville says:

    Today April 17th at 1:00pm two of the pink cuties are still down by the tree going toward the lake on the right and one is 4 feet from a cement block standing all alone and four are getting closer to the fence to the left of the property. Looks like some of the windows are covered up on the inside of the cabin, what's going on?

  50. Roxann Linville says:

    Today April 26th at 2:54 one pink cutie ventured up by the house to see what's going on. One is by tree on left going toward lake, two are by tree on the right and three are down by where the pier is going.

  51. Roxann Linville says:

    What's happened to all our pink flamingos? Really miss them!

  52. Jean McGee says:

    The "Amazing Pinks" are named in order: Dottie, Jane, June, Joy, Dette, Francis, Jim, Linn, Elizabeth. Those are the names of my family members who will visit me when I win this blog cabin for our family reunions. They are my siblings and we love vacationing in Florida! We grew up on the lakes and we in our older days still love to gather there at every opportunity!…. Thank you for the fun. I have two little Pinks on my deck right now in my Tennessee home!

  53. Theresa Wonderly says:

    I think that the work DIY Blog cabin is beautiful.

  54. bslater587 says:

    The first thing I will do when I win is finish packing all my personal belongings. Grab my husband and dogs and start the trip to Florida and never look back. I have Lupus and while I am still well enough I will grab a hat and get on that boat and be on that lake everyday. There are a lot of poor people where I live in Tennessee and it would be great to give some of the people around here many of my things that I wont need because I will have a new house and it has pretty much all the furniture that I would need. The blog cabin even has a water bowel for my doggies and a thing to set up a fence outside for them. It is so beautiful them team that sifted though all the votes and made it happen did a remarkable job.

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