DIY Hidden Home Gym

When it comes to working out, I am an excuse-making factory. Gyms are expensive and it takes too long to drive there. I could go to the park, but it’s too cold outside. And I would set up a gym at home, but they’re ugly and I don’t have the space. Well this January, I decided once and for all to shut the factory down and start producing results instead of excuses.

 Laurie March DIY Home Gym BlogPhotos: Daniel Callopy

So I designed my own home workout station using only 6 feet of wall space in my office. The best part is it all tucks away when I’m done, so it doesn’t look like an aerobics class just had a fire drill and ran from my house.


Check out my hidden home gym video.

Laurie March DIY Home Gym Blog

The show-stopping piece in this project is definitely the wall of mirrors. I wanted to be able to see myself while working out, but I didn’t want to hang a giant mirror. This isn’t a dance studio after all. These two toned hexagons were the perfect solution. Though it took a while to place them all perfectly, they were easy to install and look fantastic. I have fun writing messages on them in dry erase marker.

Laurie March Home Gym DIY Blog

One thing I’ve learned in my quest to become more fit is that health is really all about being nice to yourself.  Making myself some simple spa water reminds me that my time exercising is to relieve stress, not to add to it. Adding sliced cucumbers, strawberries or citrus fruits to a big carafe of water and having it on hand keeps me happy and hydrated.

Laurie March Blog DIY Home Gym

I looked for inexpensive gym equipment in colors I like. It might sound silly but if you hate orange and all of your fitness gear is tangerine, you’re not going to be as excited to pick it up and use it. Try to find gear that speaks to you and says things like, “Pick me! Let’s do this!”

Laurie March Storage Box Home Gym DIY Blog

And what else could I get for the workout wall that has everything? Something beautiful to put it in, of course. This pretty trunk provides the perfect storage space for all of the things I want to tuck away between workouts.


So now I’m well on my way to meeting goals and taking names! And I’m getting really good at making up excuses for other things, like why I need to eat ice cream. Because I need calcium, I just worked out, or my throat feels scratchy.


What about you? Ever struggled to incorporate exercise equipment at your place?

Comments (7)

  1. Lisa Rutledge says:

    Love this! Where did you get those fun mirror tiles?

  2. Lovely! You will become fit soon Laurie :) These two toned hexagons are adorable. Do you use Gym Wipes In Your Gym? :)

  3. donna says:

    I couldn't locate them…

  4. Zef says:

    Perfect! Where did you get the trunk?

    • Laurie_March says:

      Hi Zef!

      The trunk came from a local spot – it was vintage. But several chain stores have great, deep trunks like this. Try Pier 1, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond?

      So glad you came by!

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