Simple Fireplace Makeovers

Fireplaces tend to be one of the more difficult elements to structurally add or change in a home. Even if you’re lucky enough to have one already, you might find that your fireplace’s style conflicts with your home’s décor. When it comes to fireplaces, there are many ways you can make them over. Here are some simple, yet effective, ways to revamp your firesides without doing a full remodel.

Paint It Perfectly

Laurie March Fireplace Blog
Photo:, The It Girl Project

A simple coat of paint (or two) can be the most dramatic addition to your fireplace. The chevron design above the painted white brick is a fresh modern take on a conventional tableau. Is there a color that might better serve your current fireplace?

Laurie March Fireplaces Blog

 Photo:, by Kim Myles

This fireplace surround has been painted a relaxing deep blue. The colors and tea lights used in this space create a extra warm and comforting feel. Bold tones like blues and reds command attention, as do most fireplaces. These colors justify the hearth’s position as the focal point of the room.

Laurie March Fireplace Blog

Photo:, courtesy Karen McAloon

This LBF (little black fireplace) is a great example of a DIY fireplace makeover. Traditional red brick as been repainted in this grounding, unassuming tone. The result is an efficient oasis of a home office. The wood grain of the mantle is allowed to be the star of the show – thanks to the brick’s new, more modest color.

Scrutinize Your Screen

Laurie March Fireplace Blog


A fireplace screen is a very important safety feature for all wood burning fireplaces.  It’s important to find one that not only complements your home’s style, but also is high enough to block all stray embers. Tools such as small shovels, tongs and pokers can be functional while also adding to a room’s traditional décor. If you’ve got a more eclectic design, check out these instructions on how to make your own stained glass mosaic screen.

Laurie March Fireplace Blog
Photo:, Courtesy Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beari Designs

While there are standard sized screens and tools available at many stores, you might also consider a custom screen for your home. This 1920s marble fireplace is perfectly paired with a custom screen, which fits the space exactly. Function and form at it’s finest.

Fun Fireplace Fillers

Laurie March Fireplace Blog

Photo:, Vern Yip Design

If your fireplace isn’t functioning, or you’ve just decided not to use your fireplace traditionally, you can still have a lot of fun decorating your hearth. White candles provide the idea of a fire, without requiring a chimney sweep. Perfect for non-functioning chimneys, lighting multiple candles is a great way provide ambience on a romantic night or for a big party. Just be sure all of the candles have been extinguished before going to bed.

Laurie March Fireplace Blog


The old fashioned radio in the fireplace perfectly matches this rooms interesting and eclectic décor. Sure, there may not be a flame, but the radio’s wood tones pop warmly against the all white interior. It’s sure to be a constant conversation piece at any gathering.

Laurie March Fireplace Blog


Put the fun in non-functional by building some funky bookshelves into your dormant fireplace. Use gorgeous contact or wallpaper to complement the look and add whatever tchotchkes your heart desires.


So while we know a fireplace’s position can feel pretty permanent, its style is under your control.  Feel free to paint, redecorate or remodel your hearth in any style that speaks to you. After all, nothing warms a soul faster than hot design!


So what about you – have you changed up your fireplace recently?

Comments (2)

  1. bogartandbacall says:

    the one marked house counselor on pin interest is the one that was absolutely beautiful it is the 2014 pix so many windows but did not see fireplace-know it is thereand if as beautiful as pix then it too is beautiful fireplaces are not just lovely but they add warmth that make them grand. so no fire no beauty

    • Laurie_March says:

      I'm with you!

      By the way, love your name. :)

      Fireplaces add so much drama and personality to a room, but really when it's freezing – the true value of a fireplace to warm your toes is clear. Hope you're staying warm this month!

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