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Laurie March Pet Dishes Organizing Tips
Photo by Daniel Collopy

Meet my man, Newton. He and I have been together since I found him in a shelter more than five years ago and now he pretty much rules the roost.  I have to say this boy can eat.  And while I appreciate his appetite for life, I’d like to reclaim some of the space taken up by his food, dishes and well, less than perfect table manners. So this year I’ve decided to work on classing up Newton’s dining station. Here are a few ideas I’ve had while redesigning my own canine’s kitchen.

Can It

Laurie March Pet Food OrganizationPhoto:

We all know you can save a lot of money by buying in bulk, and pet food is no exception. Those giant ugly bags, however, can be a real eyesore and tend to spill easily. There are several plastic storage containers on the market, but I’ve personally been drawn to the old fashioned canister. Harry Barker carries some really attractive options. I like these classic black and white ones because they remind me of an old general store.

Stick With Your Style

Laurie March Pet Food Organization
Photo:, Castro Dog Bowls

Since you’ve come up with a certain feel to your home, there’s no reason you can’t continue to express it with your pets’ dishes. These space age pet bowls would complement more modern design perfectly. If you’ve got a more rustic style, check out this how-to on building your own custom pet food station. Bottom line, don’t feel like you have to settle for plain old bowls on the ground – keep your eyes peeled for something that enhances your home.

Matching Mats

Laurie March Pet Food Organization Tips


There are many cute and kitschy pet placemats on sale in pet stores and with good reason. Our pets can be messy eaters, but these handy mats don’t always have to feature paw prints and brightly colored bones. Look in home accent stores for actual people placemats. You’ll want the material to be easy to wash. Sure these mats are meant for the animals, but everyone has to see them – so feel free to find some that look good to you. Believe me, our furry friends are much more interested in the dinner than the tablescape.

Toe-tally Hide It

Laurie March Pet Bowl Organization

Photo: HGTVRemodels, Courtesy Michael Anschel

I’ve talked in the past about my friend, Michael Anschel’s amazing toe kick kitchen storage drawers. If you’re a pet-lover lucky enough to be redesigning your kitchen, you might want to think about installing one of these to house your best friend’s water and food bowls. When its time to eat, simply open the door, but when feeding time is over, you can hide everything away.

Paws for a Treat

Laurie March Pet Food Organization Tips

 Photo:, Courtesy Manvi Drona-Hidalgo

Incorporating your pet’s dining area into your home’s design is just another way of expressing that our animals are a part of our family. Once you’ve dressed up their dining areas, you might want to try this delicious recipe for peanut butter delight dog biscuits or any of these healthy and all natural treats for cats and dogs.


So what do you animal enthusiasts think? Have you come up with any new ways to feed your pets in style?

Comments (4)

  1. cucumberHOH says:

    A couple of those recipes I would eat myself. There are alot of cuter "hi-end" looks for the smaller animal than the large. The pampered pup in the Cottonelle commercial products I would buy for my pet. Chaise/glass bowls/own mini spa. The futon/ mattress like in your photo dogs do like.

  2. DBCoop says:

    First a word from my shelter-rescued, tri-color Terrier mix: "I think Newton is a hunk!" My Terri is a 3 year old female and quite a charmer — or so I'm told.

    Anyway, enough of the canine chatter. As I had posted earlier, I'm a fan of Michael Anschel's toe-kick kitchen storage drawers. That will have to be on my list of "must haves" when I get around to making the final kitchen renovation decisions. I suppose setting a flexible start date would be, well, a good start!

    I sure like those classy, old-fashioned pet food storage canisters. I too am tired of grappling with those awkward, oversized pet food bags. Besides, as part of the family, I think I'll have to give Terri some kitchen upgrades to bark about as well.

    Thanks for sharing some of your favorite pet friendly pearls of pooch paraphernalia.

  3. SID says:

    Laurie, I love all the pet dining area solutions, but can hardly wait to spoil my little toy "peachy" with those Peanut Delight Dog biscuits. They sound so good I might just have to hide them from my hubby! ;o)

  4. You may want to be careful with dog food storage. Depending on where in the world you stay, humidity and the environment can play tricks on the longevity of the food. And Lord knows, dog food ain't cheap.

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