Create a Coffee House at Home

We’ve all got vices, right? Coffee shops seem to call to all of us, but $5 coffee drinks have become a budget busting addiction for many. My theory is that it’s not just the caffeine we’re addicted to, it’s the ritual. A cool coffee house with cozy lighting and comfortable chairs can be just as seductive as the cup of joe you go there to buy.

 Coffee CornersPhoto: HGTV Remodels, Lillian Martin-Hayes coffee-maker

So why not create a coffee drinking corner in your very own home? Here are a few areas of your house you might consider converting into caffeination stations.

Kitchen Café

Coffee CornersPhoto: HGTV Remodels, (c) by Trevor Tondro

A tiny bench seat and a café table can transform a part of your kitchen into the perfect place to sip espresso. This adorable built in bench transforms a small alcove into big usable space. The pendant lamp adds purpose and definition to the area. You can simply relax here or it could become your favorite place to work from home, drinking coffee.

Breakfast Nook

Coffee CornersPhoto: HGTV Remodels, Brian Patrick Flynn

It’s not a formal dining room, it’s just a little nook you carve out for yourself. All you’ll need is a small table, a few comfortable chairs and great light to read the paper in the morning. With a gorgeous table like this, you’ll never stand in line to speak to a jittery barista again. Best of all, pajamas are encouraged.

Take It Outside

Coffee CornersPhoto: HGTV Remodels, (c) Sunbrella

Just because it’s getting cooler, doesn’t mean you can’t curl up with a warm cup outside. Create a comfortable outdoor space for you to catch whatever sunshine you can in the morning. Pull on a sweater, wrap yourself in a blanket and breathe in some fresh air while you wake up to the world around you.

A Coffee Roast

Coffee CornersPhoto: HGTV Remodels, (c) Euroflues

Another perfect spot to caffeinate? Next to a warm fireplace. Nothing makes us more reflective and relaxed than staring into a roaring fire. So arrange some comfortable furniture around your hearth and be sure there are a few places to put down your mug within arm’s reach. Voila, instant ambiance. It’ll make you wonder why you were ever drawn to those overly air-conditioned coffee stores in the first place.


By creating a space just for you and your coffee, you can save money while using your house to its fullest potential. Do you have a designated coffee corner at home?

Comments (8)

  1. twoTERRIERs says:

    miele yes…………………..

  2. Kate M. says:

    Oh now I REALLY want an outdoor fireplace! Perfect place to curb my Starbucks addiction…

  3. DBCoop says:

    Great breakfast nook. I could spend some serious morning time there. Think I'll have to cozy up my own breakfast nook. It doesn't look nearly as inviting as the photo you've pictured from the HGTV Remodels, Brian Patrick Flynn blog.

    • Laurie_March says:

      Thanks DBC!

      A couple of pillows, a cute plant, and a fun placemat can change an entire area…

      Any grand plans for the weekend?

  4. BenniGholami says:

    As a property agent, I can tell you that there is one thing that really moves a house for sale or an apartment for rent – and that's when there is a unique point of interest in the house. Very much like these little "study nooks" and cosy corners. People tend to enjoy seeing inviting areas and welcoming spot s in the house and it just increases the desirability of a piece of property. The Network Property – Phuket

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