Plan Ahead for Sweater Storage

I love sweater weather. Nothing feels cozier than wrapping yourself in an extra warm layer as the temperatures drop. The one problem? As soon as I swap out my summer clothes for my winter gear, I remember how much room that stuff takes up. It can be hard to keep your warm clothes both organized and easily accessible.

Sweater Storage ClosetPhoto: HGTV Remodels

Here are a few simple ideas to help you store your cold weather wardrobe during the next few months:

Create a Closet

Sweater Storage ClosetPhoto: HGTV Remodels

Some homes, especially older houses, don’t have enough closet space. Once the colder weather hits, it may feel like your home is bursting with bulky coats, sweatshirts and sweaters. If you’re not ready for a full remodel at the moment, look around for a corner where you might be able to carve out a closet area. Companies like California Closets sell organizers that can be customized for your space or you can simply get creative with prefab dressers, bookshelves and tension rods that might get the job done for less.

Bin There, It’s Crate

Sweater Space Saver Closet CachePhoto: HGTV Remodels, Brian Patrick Flynn

You may not be great at folding and stacking sweaters perfectly and even if you are, you might not want to spend hours doing it. In the season where sweaters, sweatshirts and scarves are shrugged on and off all the time, think about designating some big bins, baskets or crates to keep them in. This storage option is a kid-friendly way to keep your closets looking good without taking on a part time folding job.

Protect from Pests

Closet Space SaversPhoto: HGTV Remodels, Saddleback Interiors

Nothing is worse than pulling out your winter wear and finding that someone’s been snacking on your favorite sweaters over the summer. Even if you don’t have a dream closet like this one, there’s a great tip here – moth protection. There are some very affordable cedar plank liners for closets available at most hardware stores. If you have smaller closets and tend to rotate your seasonal close to an attic or basement, CedarSafe also makes cedar drawer liners that can keep the holes out of your sweaters all year long, in whatever container they’ve been stored.

Go Undercover

Interior Space SaversPhoto:, House Works © Dorling Kindersley Limited

 Sometimes the simplest solutions work best. A lot of us have a whole lot of unused room under our bed. Look into some under-the-bed storage drawers and store your sweaters while you sleep. If the drawers themselves remain visible, look for some affordable, yet stylish options like this gorgeous and graphic storage box.


And if you find a well-loved sweater has run its course, think about repurposing it as a preppy pillow. Now you can store your old favorite in plain sight.


So tell me, how do you tame your out of control outerwear?

Comments (5)

  1. twoterriers says:

    great ideas here….i definitely need this here in texas

    • Laurie_March says:

      Are you in a part of Texas that gets chilly? I know I have more sweaters than I have a right to, here in California ;)

  2. Guest from NH says:

    "Bin There, It’s Crate……."…..hahahaha! Love it…. 'BIN THERE, IT'S CRATE"….. !
    I really do need help with storage 'stuff'! I moved my office into the spare room. Moved the stuff that was in the spare room (junk room) to the space over the garage. Then had company coming….had to take back some of the stuff from the garage space and make guest room space…. Office, spare room, garage…. it's all pretty bad. Appreciate all the idea's – and the funny comments too!

    • Laurie_March says:

      Hey thanks! We strive to keep it light around here :)

      Oh man – I feel your pain. We've been shooting a lot of content at my house lately, so I'm on that rotating 'move the stuff into another spot' train too.. *sigh*

      Time to get motivated to make it great! Thanks for the smile.

  3. MarkSindone says:

    I have a lot of customers in Sydney whose storage units are at least 20% full of clothes/winter wear. Vaccuum sealing almost always helps you to save 50% of the space (because it's mainly air). Good luck!

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