Make Your Own DIY Barn Door

Barn Door DIY
Photography by Daniel Collopy
This DIY Barn door project could be a solution to many issues in many homes, but for my newlywed friends – it’s keeping romance alive in Costa Mesa, CA.

Newlyweds Scott and Chelsea bought a new home and fell in love with the high ceilings, gorgeous light, and great location. After some remodeling, they moved into the space and quickly realized a glaring problem: the master bedroom had a bathroom connected to it, including a two-sided fireplace they’d originally been impressed by- but were now completely frustrated at the lack of a door they could close to use the bathroom!

While few things are the same in every relationship, one thing is for certain: privacy to do bathroom business is one of the keys to happy coupledom at home.

Barn Door DIY
I’m all for love, so we swooped in to create a barn style door that operated on simple plumbing pipe hardware, and opened and closed with ease, but still allowed for safe use of the fireplace when the door is in the open position.
Laurie March, DIY Baron Door
The phrase ‘barn door’ could mean a door that was literally removed from an old structure, has the iconic ‘Z’ shaped wood planks on the face, or any door that can roll or slide open and closed, allowing for more space in a room.
With open concept floor plans, barn style sliding doors have grown in popularity for their ability to cover large openings and slide against the wall – not needing space to swing open and closed in the room. Downside?  The hardware ain’t cheap!
Laurie March, DIY Barn Door
We created our hardware out of plumbing pipe and had it cut and threaded for us in a big box home improvement store.  With a little planning, this door solution was very affordable and pretty simple to install. For standard sized openings, buying a door instead of building one would save time too.
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I went for screaming yellow high gloss paint and a door with modern, clean lines.  What do you think?

Comments (3)

  1. Mel says:

    Laurie I think your sliding barn door & hardware design is beautiful & creative! I want one too.
    I'm a bit crazy over symmetry…so I love how you showcased the rooms striking gabled ceiling with symmetrical decor…of course the barn door is awesome, but really the whole bedroom is quite pretty.

    • Laurie_March says:

      Mel –

      I love symmetry too! Sometimes a space just calls for it. Thanks so much for your wonderful thoughts on the barn door hardware. We really enjoyed creating it – and knowing it's an affordable option for someone with a little DIY instincts to take on.

      Happy to see you here on the blog! hope you'll come back through.

  2. FarrellMackennon says:

    I prefer to DIY the items around the house rather than spending a fortune buying new ones which I cannot even customize. I really like this sliding door which gives that privacy you need from both on the bed or from inside of the bathroom. This idea is even more interesting when you involve things that you already have like the plumbing pipe that was just lying around untouched. Great job!

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