Hue Knew: Citrus Zing Inspires Perky Color Schemes

This week I’m working on a super secret holiday project that I can’t wait to share with you.  It includes using perky, zingy citrus colors in unusual ways.  In fact, I’m putting slices of a few of my favorite citrus fruits in the oven.
Why, you ask? That part’s a secret.  Aside from making my kitchen smell incredible, snapping a few Instagram photos of my work with fruits, it reminded me how fresh and fun citrus colors can be together.  I love how you can take one color, like orange, and use shades of it to create a beautiful range of saturated versions. This works great if you want to dip a toe into designing a space with vibrant colors. You don’t have to use a color at its’ full vibrancy everywhere to get an impact. Little pops of a bright color, in combination with more muted shades and tones, can transform a boring room instantly.
Hue Knew Citrus Dream
What do you think? Would you use citrus colors in your home decor?  

Comments (4)

  1. amberPA says:

    I would and do use citrus colors in my home decor! I love the fresh look and it makes me feel like spring and summer all year! (6 months out of the year it is pretty cool outside!) Love it!

  2. joyfulj9 says:

    Looking forward to finding out more about you secret holiday project. I love the cheery colors:) Are those blood oranges on the top shelf of the oven?

  3. Janis Conard says:

    The citrus colors are so vivid and fresh. Waiting for your secret holiday project .

  4. Michelle says:

    Citrus-themed color schemes are perfect for summer :)

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