Three Must-Do DIY Dorm Projects

Photo: HGTV, courtesy of PBdorm

It’s that time of year again. School is in session and kids are trading in their vacation for education. For many parents that means sending a kid off to a dorm, and planning these spaces can be tricky. You want your super student to feel at home and comfortable in their living quarters, but you also know they’ll be moving again soon. Here are some DIY design ideas that might help you and your scholar create a room that is both personal and impermanent.

They’ll Clip for It

Photo: HGTV, courtesy of Ashley Corbett Campbell

Let’s start out small, by using clipboards instead of frames to display photographs. You can give your kid’s room an academic feel and a way to feel connected to home. Rather than displaying one picture in one frame for a whole semester, your scholars can rotate photos faster than they can change their profile pictures.

Be a Little Caddy

Photo: HGTV, courtesy of Maureen Stevens

Even basic dorm bathroom buckets can be improved with a little elbow grease. This rustic shower caddy feels a lot more sophisticated than the typical plastic options. Shower caddies stay in the students’ living spaces most of the time, so it’s nice to send them off with something stylish and handmade. Also consider making a second one for household cleaning supplies. Your kid is more likely to wash something if they have what they need.

Head of the Class

Photo: HGTV, courtesy of Camilla Pavone

Most standard issue dorm beds don’t have headboards. Check out this amazing tutorial on how to make your own bulletin board headboard. It’s a wonderful, yet temporary way to make a room feel more established. And your sweet scholar can use it to display pictures, organize jewelry or keep letters from home close.


So there are three quick ideas that can have your scholar studying in style. How do you plan to prepare for back-to-school?

Comments (2)

  1. MaryPA says:

    Wow that would be a great if the bed could be raised to that height. We only got pegs to interface the beds, not much room. Hahahahahaha The room looks bigger. We made our own headboard and glued it to the wall(concrete) A lot more cozy. Great ideas ! :)

  2. Chris Green says:

    Loft beds are THE things for college dorms these days. Talk about freeing up some floorspace!

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