Rental Rescue on a Budget

How do I get someone to help me update my house to rent on a “shoestring”? – CeeJay B, TX

living room

Check out the changes Greg made to his rental…

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  1. Anne JohnsonND says:

    Cool website! I like it! I admire your stick to it and know- how Laurie!

  2. TL Stanbro says:

    How do I get my roof replaced?

  3. Lesly Sanborn says:

    My Grandfather built a house and 6 Plex apartment complex in the 1940's. He started on the six plex by trying to build it out of adobe. He found the humidity and temperature in Missouri wasn't conducive to that kind of structure, so he finished the other 5 apartments with stick and siding. The heating system is hot water heat in copper pipe in the floors. There is one hot water heater for the house and apartments, since then My grandfather passed away in 1993 and my Dad lived there and owed the property until he passed away in 2012. Now my sister and I are Landlords. We don't live on the property and we have found it is time to make some improvements. We don't even know where to start. The boiler system is original to the property and heats the house and the 6 plex apartment complex. There is one water heater for both properties and some plumbing issues we need to look into. We would like to separate the heat and water from the house, and make each unit utility independant. Can you help us figure out where to start?

  4. BenniGholami says:

    I think if you find a good property agent when you put your house up for rent or for sale, they'll know how to stage your house to showcase the best of the features that you have in there. This is why it's important to make sure you choose somebody who goes all the way for you in helping you get the best deal for your property!

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