Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When you’re down in the dumps over a bathroom that feels dated, even the smallest spaces can be improved by exploring other options for your bathroom mirror. To find something that ‘reflects’ your taste a little better.


Round mirrors are lovely in a space where you don’t need a full length view of yourself. I love the curved shape in the bathroom because it’s so unexpected and adds a real touch of class in a simple and inexpensive way.


Here’s an oval mirror, perfect for this alcove and vanity. Most bathrooms are standing room only, but if you have the space, a vanity area can sustain a more unique or glamorous mirror as an accent. Speaking of glamour…

How about a little mosaic disco bling. Ok, this look is pretty out there, but a mosaic mirror is a project you could do yourself. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, only with a much shinier result! Not so sure about the disco ball tub…


I love this space that’s made to look even bigger than it really is with facing mirrors. Mirrors on the door not only help you see your entire outfit, but they create the perfect optical illusion of a grander room.


Here’s a great idea: add a frame to a frameless bathroom mirror to match your decor. You can get the materials yourself and DIY it any way you like.


Extra long mirrors you’d normally only see in living rooms or bedrooms will also work in the bathroom when turned sideways. Get creative! Just make sure they are well sealed against moisture and hang them properly with strong hardware.


I love this. Side-by-side medicine cabinets for two. If you don’t have to share, that is.


This is pretty sweet, too. Medicine cabinets are now coming with so many capabilities, such as electrical plugs and tv screens.

Do you think one day the bathroom mirror will make me coffee? I’m holding out for that one…

Would YOU want a bathroom mirror that charges your phone?

Comments (2)

  1. bonnie says:

    I would love to try the mosaic mirror for the bathroom!

    • Laurie_March says:

      What type of tile would you use? I think it's a beautiful way to bring tile and shimmer into a bathroom. They're considering doing a mosaic mirror in the DIYNetwork Blog Cabin too :)

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