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I walk a lot – I get inspired wandering around Los Angeles and looking at all the beautiful homes from the street. One of my favorite things I see on a long walk are gorgeous fences and gates. I’m a sucker for a good Instagram photo, so I’ve snapped a few over time. The home above is my favorite garage door and gate. The metal work combined with wood and the custom hinges make an impact from the curb. I love it!

I walk by this fence all the time. I love the way the boards meet, the color of the teak wood, and the beautiful landscape. The trees behind it offer privacy from the street, and the dusty greenish blue plants add a soft texture.

There’s a comforting simplicity to this fence. The open, airy feeling from the alternating boards gives it a peaceful, modern vibe when combined with the drought tolerant plants. I love olive trees and bushes – they look amazing slightly untamed, don’t you think?

This home is new – just went up. I am drawn to the modern lines in the gate, as well as the iron work along the fence and on the balcony. The repeating of the wood on the upstairs balcony and the gate – as well as the repeated shapes in the iron work make this property look modern, warm, and intriguing.

This stucco wall always stops me with the webby ivy climbing all over it. The weathered, gray gate adds charm. When the leaves are in full color, this wall is a showstopper, but I like it this way too. The vines are a beautiful, graphic element.

If you have any favorite design photos tag them #hgtvcounselor inside the Instagram app and share your inspiration with us.

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  1. Mark Gietzel says:

    Where can I get the raised house numbers (large) that are used on the show Curb Appeal?

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