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I certainly wish I lived in a Brian Patrick Flynn photo shoot.

The desk – nothing on it but a computer and an awesome coffee mug.  The desk chair – gorgeous! No bills (bah! Who pays bills in THIS house?) ,barbie shoes, or slobbery dog toys in sight.

Let’s be honest. Any day my ‘stuff’ doesn’t invade the dining room table and threaten to take over the backseat of my new car is good enough for me.

One of the most frequent calls from our clients lately seems to be a S.O.S. to help them wrangle their clutter. It’s often way beyond buying a cute organizer for the desk top, or a few magazine files from Ikea…curing a case of ‘Stuffus-Everywhere-itus’ is serious work.

We diagnosed the problem of one of our cute client families:

- Both parents have insanely busy lives. Stuff ensued.

- The breakfast room off the kitchen was serving nobody well and in fact seemed to breed clutter. Visibly. The family hadn’t eaten in the room for years.

- The 1920’s home had no room for today’s technology – computers, printers, chargers.

The cure: These guys needed a built-in solution – a proper Home Docking Station!


The most important thing about creating a home docking station is planning. Yes, yes, I know…semi-boring advice. But if you look at this image, you can see where we planned every single inch of this built-in storage. We use tape to convey the size and scale of a piece to give our clients their first inkling of what they’re getting. It’s really helpful to have a graphic representation of your piece before you install it in order to really understand it.


Most older homes are seriously short on electrical outlets in the places we use them. We added outlets for each laptop to charge, for the printer in its upper cabinet, and on the desktop surface to use when they sit at the desk to work. We also wired this setup for LED under-cabinet lighting. It really adds functionality and a really nice glow at night.

We fitted the lower cabinets with a lock for the Hubby, who stores his work equipment here. Believe it or not, even the simplest types of technology can be under-represented in a home…the taller cabinet on the right was created to house the family vacuum and other tall cleaning tools. This cabinet is ready for its Ceasarstone countertop!

Our clients happily report an enormous shift in the usability of the room, and love having a place for all their computers and gear to charge overnight.

What do you think? How have you carved out a spot in your home to wrangle your clutter into submission?

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  1. Yemi Akomolede says:

    how do you store bags?

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