Instagram Update: Cleaning Up After Hurricane Sandy

I spent the weekend in Ocean City Maryland a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful, hot weekend for September and my family and I enjoyed it with every bit of appreciation for those weekends in the Fall that feel like Summer. 

Here are a few Instagram images of my favorite East Coast memories. If you have any Instagram pictures of your home or community after Hurricane Sandy tag them #hgtvcounselor inside the Instagram app or on Twitter to share your story with us.


Nobody knew that within a month, Hurricane Sandy was going to do her best to scrub away entire coastal communities from Maryland through New Jersey, and into New York.

I can’t believe the images coming out of New Jersey and New York. The devastation from the flood waters is far reaching and extensive.

The Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay had record height rising waters, with over a foot of rain in most areas. The wind and water damage to homes along the coast is adding up by the minute.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the Ocean City experience, in honor of everyone who is cleaning up and working hard to return order and utilities to those affected by this mega-storm.

I’m sure I’m biased, but nothing beats Maryland crabs in season. Very few things on this Earth taste better than Thrashers Fries on the Boardwalk… with vinegar! No ketchup in sight.

The boardwalk itself took quite a beating. I hope the landmarks of my childhood are able to rebuild.

As I understand it, this pier is pretty much gone.

My Mom will go check on our house this weekend, to see how it fared. I know it won’t be as bad as they have it in NYC and New Jersey.

Hope you and your family are safe.

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  1. Regina says:

    Your article was so heartfelt and timely. What a great way to pay tribute to our neighbors and friends on the East Coast.

  2. Jane says:

    I own a house on the Jersey Shore, next to Seaside Heights that was affected by hurricane Sandy. They are not letting anyone onto the barrier island yet, so we have no idea what type of damage to the house . I would love for the Property Brothers to start a new show and boost this real estate again!

    • Laurie_March says:

      Jane –

      I hope you've gotten to see your home. How is it? It's so scary not to know what's happened to your home while you wait it out. I hope you and your family are safe, and that your property damage is mild if non-existant.

  3. Patti says:

    Please help by promoting recovery efforts in our coastal communities along New Jersey.
    Thank you!.

  4. Enice says:

    I am a flood victim from Oceanside, NY. The whole neighborhood was flooded. Can you do something on rebuilding from scratch. How to look at empty space and create a home again.

  5. Sharon says:

    I own a small bungalow on Jersey Shore and we had to completely gut the entire house due to Hurricane Sandy. I am now at a loss as to how to start over- would love to get ideas on how to maximize the small space we have on a limited budget – This house has been in our family for over 50 years and I want my children and future grandchildren to be able to contine to enjoy what I call "my little piece of heaven on earth"!

    • Laurie_March says:

      Sharon –

      I grew up with my parents and Grandparents on the shore and I know exactly what you mean about your beach home being your own little slice of heaven. It's such special time you spend at the beach with your family – I can't imagine how overwhelming it feels to be rebuilding and redecorating.

      I've always thought one of the most important ways to maximize beach house space is furniture that is the right scale for the room, has hidden storage inside, and is super durable for those wet bathing suit moments with little ones.

      Did the space work for you the way it was before the water damage? You don't have to re-invent the wheel if you know that certain areas worked well for you and your family. Start with a list of the major furniture pieces you know you'll need – like beds, table and chairs, and sofas. Then look around with family members and friends and see if anyone has anything that they are wanting to get rid of that could fit the bill for your bungalow. Also look for thrift stores, garage sales, and sales in stores you like where you can see the furniture items up close – so you know they are the right size for your rooms.

      Beach life has a magical way of making you think less about fancy design and everything being 'just so' in your home – and more about the way you all get to spend time together as a family.

      I wish you all the best… please let me know how you're doing.

  6. tina russo says:

    i live in oceanside ny lost whole house due to sandy still not back home this is horriable no money yet

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