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Photo courtesy of Michelle Minch

One of the people who I call to check the pulse of the real estate market is my friend and realtor Irina Netchaev, from PasadenaViews. I’ve known Irina for years, and love her attitude about real estate and selling a home. I cornered her and decided to ply her with coffee on your behalf to pick her brain about the market. You’re welcome!

House Counselor: What’s one thing you wish clients were more proactive about?

Irina: Getting a pre-inspection by a professional home inspector before putting the home on the market. This allows the home seller to take care of items before they show up on buyer’s inspection report. It also alleviates surprises for both seller and buyer and makes for an overall great experience.

House Counselor: Oooh. That’s a great tip. Nobody likes surprises in real estate. So how do you make your home stand out in this market?

Irina: Beautiful, professional photography showcasing a well presented home. Buyers buy online now, so we need to sell the home online first to get the showings in person. Fantastic photographs in conjunction with a comprehensive internet marketing plan are essential. And home staging – it’s critical! 

BEFORE STAGING: Photo courtesy of Michelle Minch

House Counselor: Hmm… it’s a really good point that people are looking at your home online first. It’s kind of like curb appeal too – you know? People look at the outside of your home before they even come inside.

Irina: A lot of attention is given to how the home looks on the inside, but sellers should start with the curb appeal. Cut back the bushes in front of the home; paint the door red – it’s a power color; reseed the lawn – make the grass green! Plant or add potted plants to add some color around the front door.

House Counselor: You really believe in staging.

Irina: We always pay for a staging consultation for our home sellers. I feel so strongly about it that we have a reimbursement offer for up to $3,500 of staging. It just works.

AFTER STAGING: Photo courtesy of Michelle Minch

House Counselor: Why the sweet deal?

Irina: In my experience, strategic pricing and a well showcased (staged) home sells faster and for more money. Looking at my statistics, my listings sell 33 days faster (12% faster than local board average) and for 3.1% more money. On a million dollar home, that’s $31,000 more in the seller’s pocket!

House Counselor: In what condition are the homes you’re seeing that are selling in your market?

Irina: The ones that sell are the ones that create emotion both online and in person.

Thanks IrinaDo you have any burning real estate  questions or need more tips on selling your home?

Comments (5)

  1. sandi acosta says:

    staging looks great! How do I find a home stager in my area around Modesto, ca ?

  2. Liz says:

    My house was rented out for four years while I lived in another state. Now, I'm back and don't know where to start! I have a lot of empty rooms and everything now is four years older- kitchen, bathrooms, carpets. Should I list low and hope to it will go quickly or reinfance and put money into the house before I sell it hoping to make more? If I do put money into the house, where should I put it- new ac unit and roof or update things a buyer will see? Thanks for your help.
    PS I am hoping to move back east again at the end of the year. When should I list my house- now or spring time? I do have some beautiful dogwood and flowering bushes.

  3. Laurie_March says:

    Hi Liz!

    Have you reached out to a local realtor yet? I'd say a great place to start is looking around for a great realtor to give you some targeted advice for your specific neighborhood… even better – for your buyer demographic! If you've been living out of state I think you'd really benefit from an infusion of area information from someone who knows their stuff. You want a career realtor too – not someone who does it part time on the side.

    Before you start the conversation, it helps to know what you've got invested into the home financially, and what your 'break even' point is on the mortgage and the investment overall.

    Another thing to consider is to get a home inspection from a licensed inspector. They can point out the condition of structural elements and systems in your space – like your roof, AC and plumbing, and foundation etc. This is exactly what your future buyer will see – and it can give you a blueprint of the things that should be updated right away – and the deferred maintenance issues.

    There are some amazing resources on the site over at Front Door –… Check here for some detailed thoughts on selling your home!

    Ps. I think Spring can be a very popular time to sell a home – so it's really smart to be looking into what you want to update before you put it on the market now! Dogwood trees are really stunning… pink or white? :)

  4. tom says:

    Before you start the conversation, it helps to know what you’ve got invested into the home financially, and what your ‘break even’ point is on the mortgage and the investment overall.

  5. Fran says:

    I have a off white brick ranch that needs a new paint combination….roof is medium grey. Ihave looked at paint charts but nothing excited me and I am trying to sell the house so need an attractive updated look

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