Hurricane Sandy is at My Doorstep

Photography by Joe Torchia

A year ago, my Mom and I spent a busy, crazy weekend planning the remodel of her quaint new beach home on a pond just off the bay in Ocean City Maryland. It’s not a big house. In fact, we spent hours trying to figure out how my whole family would fit into the house when we all descend on it in the Summer. We just finished the remodel.

Photo courtesy of Fagers Island webcam

Today Hurricane Sandy is absolutely battering the Eastern Shore, with more mess to come in the aftermath. Everyone has been evacuated from Ocean City, but I’ve been glued to a few web cams that have told the story of this storm in real time. It’s startling to see how strong the water and wind are – an hour ago there was a large gazebo in this image from Fagers Island’s web cam – now it has been drummed away by the pounding surf.

This is the view from our side porch.

Our house sits with the slider door to my porch at 33” above water level. With the wind blasting through the Chesapeake Bay, I don’t know what tomorrow’s view will hold.

I am reminded of how important it is to be prepared for the things that threaten your home. It’s worth thinking about in advance, obviously, the ways you can protect your home and family in case of emergency. Often it starts with proper home insurance, and having a good plan for how to safely ride a storm out. Some things you just cannot plan for, you are left to deal with them in the aftermath.

How are you and your home faring in this storm?

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  1. Laurie_March says:

    My family hasn't been able to get to the beach to check on the little house yet, but anyone drying out after the storm should watch this video:

    Hope you are all safe!

  2. Mary Gulluscio says:

    I have lived in my home for 38 yrs. in Howard Beach, Queens, NY & not near the beach or bay. Hurricane sandy definitely reached us surrounding the outside in 4 ft. of water & inside 7ft. One car went on fire & other totally submerged. Cars on our street blew up, as the water filled our homes. It's been 3 wks. now without power, heat. etc. & gets quite cold but so many others are worse of than us as they have no home to return to. A big problem for all is that furnaces, electrical parts, etc. are on back order & licensed electricians & plumbers are all overwhelmed. We are getting $ quotes from people that are unimaginable. Insurance won't cover anything as "it's an Act of God" not from the hurricane. We're not in a flood zone so can't get flood insurance. FEMA paid us $ but not enough to cover the circuit panels, new wiring, cables, furnace, hot water heater. Not even asking for frills just the basics. How the heck do I remodel without getting ripped off by roofers, contractors, electricians, plumbers.

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