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I was lucky enough to travel to Morocco two years ago and I have never felt more inspired by the gorgeous, intricate work that the entire culture seems surrounded by. Everywhere you look, there are handmade, craftsman pieces of furniture, tile, metal work and lighting. But the tile just grabbed me by the heart and didn’t let go. Every corner you walk around, you experience the colorful, expressive tile work that covers walls and floors in both the fanciest and the most humble spaces.

Older cultures have  many things to offer someone looking for design inspiration. The stunning, hand cut mosaic tiles in Morocco are something that quite a few of my clients reference when they’re hunting for an accent in their bathroom spaces. Often the American version of a Moroccan-inspired mosaic tile has a few less colors in it, but they are no less impactful in the space. My friend Lee at Filmore Clark shows you how a few less colors can make a Moroccan style tile installation a little bit ‘quieter’ but still very rich.

Photo courtesy of Filmore Clark

This tile has withstood hundreds of years of dust, heat, and thousands of people walking all over them and yet it is still so beautiful and interesting. What do you think – would you roam around in Morocco?  Would you incorporate a Moroccan vibe into your home?

Check out my Pinterest gallery inspired by Morocco!

Comments (7)

  1. marcie says:

    Love this style. The tile work is incredible and although the (tile, carpet, tapestry…) patterns may often be busy I feel they can easily blend into a space. Nice inspiration here Laurie.

  2. Nancy Doucet says:

    What a way to get inspired! The colors are georgous and patterns simply beautiful. I can imagine this in a grand room in a beautiful home. Good luck and let us see the pictures when done.
    Nancy Doucet

  3. Paris says:

    Be ready to spend some money when ordering morrican tile on line. I ordered some and received two boxes for $50 each! It is beautiful, but now I dont know where to use it in the house. I lost my inspiration. Now I sit with two boxes of hour glass/clay colored tile. Hmmm!

  4. Laurie_March says:

    I agree with Terry, Paris!

    There must be some spot in your home you can use that fabulous Moroccan tile!

    Where did you originally want to use it?

  5. Jerry says:

    this tile is simply timeless and immensely beautiful. The cost would seem
    high and one would likely climb mountains to find someone to create a
    similar beauty in the house….how about the Midwest ?

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