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Dual Sinks in the Master Bath: Need it or Not?

Laurie March Dual Sinks Blog


Everyone has their own wish list when it comes to their dream master bath. For some, it’s a tub, for some a shower. Some people covet heated towel racks, while others would rather have a TV. But many, many people want dual sinks – and they want them very badly. I can completely understand the instinct to maintain separate spaces in the loo, but at the same time,  two sinks take up twice the room and require twice the cleaning  – which has me wondering: Are dual sinks worth it? Read Post…

2014 Blog Cabin: Magnolia Madness

Did you know that there are over 80 different species of magnolia trees? That beetles rather than bees pollinate their flowers? That fossilized magnolias have been found dating back 20 million years? Did you know that since a few of our readers suggested researching them, I’ve become kind of obsessed with these trees?

magnolia blog cabin laurie march

I am happy to report that the 2014 Blog Cabin has gorgeous magnolias in its yard. These blossoming beauties boast some old souls and some stunning flowers. While white is the most common color, many magnolia blossoms are splashed with shades of purple, pink and yellow. But what if you’re not lucky to have a tree in your yard? No worries! Here are some other ways you can include these ancient beauties in your home’s décor. Read Post…

Blog Cabin Beach Colors: Sea Glass Vs. Sand

Today, I am headed back to the great state of Florida to do some more work on this year’s Blog Cabin! I can’t wait to see how all of the outdoor elementsyou’ve voted for are looking. You can now vote here up to 10 times per day on which ‘Cabin Comforts’ will be included in this lakeside bungalow retreat.

Laurie March Blog Cabin 2014 Sea Grass Sand

The first choice you’ll be confronted with has been poking at my brain a bit: which color towels would you like in the beachy bath: Sea Glass Green or Sandy Tan? While we’re only voting on an accessory in this case, the question has me thinking a lot about beach-inspired palettes. So let’s dive in and take a look at these two tones. Read Post…

2014 Blog Cabin: Raised Fire Pits

To all of those who voted for the 2014 Blog Cabin’s outdoor features, great job! The results are in and I think you’ve made some excellent decisions – including the choice to grow veggies and herbs in the garden!

Laurie March Blog Raised Fire Pits
Photo:, Dream Home 2012

Another thing I was excited to see was that the raised metal fire pit had been chosen for the backyard. Outdoor fire pits have become a coveted feature in recent years. Not unlike the diversity found in pool design, styles of fire pits now run the gamut. While we might think of these cozy components as mere campfires, when raised above ground they can be elevated to works of art. Read Post…

En Garde! Functional Fencing Ideas

Fencing Fences Blog Laurie March
Photo Courtesy:, © 2009 Dorling Kindersley Limited

Whether you need it for privacy, a pool or a puppy, choosing the right type of fence can be very important. Fencing can be extremely expensive both to purchase and install – depending on the size of your yard and the style you choose. Here are some options to consider if you’re still “on the fence” about what works for your home. Read Post…

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